How many more customers would you get if you could offer a free* 4 star holiday worth up to £1500 when they buy?

In Trip Advisor 4 star hotels in destinations across the UK and the world for 3-7 nights.

There are no presentations, pushy sales people or compulsory purchases like meal plans.
They simply book on the website and they have 18 months to book and travel.

And each holiday you give away costs just £99.99. That means it can cost as little as £3.50 per person per night to give away a holiday in a Trip Advisor 4 Star rated hotel worth 10 times that.

We even give you free support to help you use this incentive to win more customers.

In order to offer these incredible prices, they are subject to a minimum order of 50 vouchers and they cannot be resold.

*Customers pay taxes and charges of around £9 per person per night.

Watch the short video below on how your customers can claim a holiday or see the booking site at

How can you provide a 4 star hotel for less than £5?

We get access to “unsold” rooms in “4 Star Trip Advisor rated” hotels.

Most hotels have empty rooms each night – in fact, most have at least 3/10th of their rooms empty.

We have shown them that by offering these unsold rooms through promotions and incentives that the customers will (by their own choice) spend far more in the hotel on discretionary spend like food, drinks, entertainment and spa treatments.

In fact typically a free holiday customer will spend 275% more because they will treat them-selves to extras because the holiday is free.

And they nearly always have rooms available so it is a no brainer.

Many of the hotels in this programme allow 4 x people per room (2 adults & 2 children).

So our Holiday Promotion is a “win” for you, a “win” for your customers & a “win” for the hotels!


Because there are so, so, many delicious destinations to choose from we have created a star rating system to assist you in creating a leisurely and comfortable selection experience – just like browsing the Holiday Brochures of old…

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Order Now

To order, simply click the “Order” Button, complete the form and make a payment. If you have a discount code then please enter this at check-out.
Your Holiday Vouchers will be emailed to you within 2 business days – so keep an eye out for them in your inbox.

How it works

  • Vouchers must be purchased in minimum quantities of 50 and are non refundable.
  • Activate your Hotel stay within 7 days of receiving by simply paying the recovery costs for the local government taxes and tourism fees.
  • Prices are subject to UK VAT at the prevailing rate
  • Vouchers may only be used for promotional purposes and may not be resold or auctioned

Key Customer key terms and conditions

  • You have 18 months to enjoy this incentive so you do not need travel dates today to get started. Once you have selected your destination on this site you will receive an activation email from our booking partner.
  • Activate your Hotel stay within 7 days of receiving by simply paying the recovery costs for the local government taxes and tourism fees.
  • Check your email after activation for a link to manage your trip.
  • Next step simply login and Select your preferred travel dates and view available Hotels.
  • Then simply Choose hotel and room type from available and participating hotels.
  • For Best Hotel / Resort options and availability search weekday travel with check-in from Sunday – Thursdays, also some weekends may have small surcharges or limited availability.
  • Certain Holidays and special events may have limited or no availability keep in mind you have an 18 month period to select amazing Hotel & Resort options.
  • Each vacation is designed as a couple’s getaway – the majority of available room types will be for up to 2 adults. Some destinations may not have room configurations with availability for children. Adding children may reduce your hotel options or available date selections.

Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

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